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Market analysis

When a company has to make decisions on product development, new customers or new export markets , a number of questions arise automatically. A market analysis can clarify some of these questions, and this way, your company can save many resources.

  • Is there enough market potential?
  • Which factors does the industry compete on?
  • Where lies the strength of the competitors according to the customers?
  • Which customer types are attractive?

These are some of the questions a market anaysis can find the answer to.

Through interviews with decision makers or users on selected markets and through information search in databases, statistics, published material on competitors or other sources, we carry out a market analysis that has to ensure a good basis for decision-making in your company.

Market analyses increase the rate of success

A custom-made analysis of the market can considerably increase the rate of success of a new product or concept. Furthermore, it can prevent your company from tackling an expensive product development on something that doesn't show to take on anyway.

If your company wishes to enlarge a customer segment, or if you wish to enter new markets, a market analysis can contribute to success, too.

Through an analysis, we can uncover market potential, needs, buying criteria, behaviour etc., and at the same time look at the distribution channels and competitors on the new market.

A report that helps you in the proces of decision-making

We carry out a market analysis on precisely the field your company needs investigated. You will get a report that focuses on conclusions and concrete results. The report can be supplemented with a summary of the interviews and other background material.

Contact us and have a talk about how your company can get a better basis for decision-making.

We would be pleased to have a talk about your possibilities on the Danish, Scandinavian or European markets - or about the possibilities for co-operation. 
So please feel free to contact Jack Otto Kristensen for more information.   


CAVALIUS research, Vinagervej 30, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.
Contact: Jack Otto Kristensen på or +45 -  23 72 76 11.