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Analysis of customer satisfaction

Happy customers are the most profitable customers. If your customers are dissatisfied on the other hand, the chances of loosing them are considerable. In other words, aiming on customer satisfaction pays off.

Most companies use many resources on ensuring that their customers are satisfied and loyal. Unfortunately, they often use resources in the wrong place. You can use your resources more effectively, when you know where the customers' needs lie.

Analyses of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty help you to work with company development in a costefficient way. Through analyses, you will get a concrete picture of how the company can use resources in order to increase the customer satisfaction.

How satisfied are your customers?

Through an online survey or telephone interviews with decision makers, we find out which factors are important for the customers. We measure how satisfied the customers are for each factor. This way, you get an excellent instrument for increasing your company's competitiveness.

How satisfied are the customers of your competitors?

We can compare your company's customer satisfaction with the competitors'. This kind of comparison (customer – competitor benchmarking) gives you a good hint on which measures your company should take in order to remain in a strong, competitive position.

We can make an analysis of the actual situation. But the instrument becomes even more powerful, if we currently do measurements. This will enable you to see if the activities you have started are having an effect.

In other words, we can give you an analysis of customer satisfaction that can help your company to get more loyal and paying customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Cavalius is known for: 

  • Focus on adapting each project to the decisions that have to be made.
    We have no standard products - but we use our experiences and methods in a new way for each project
  • Telephone interviews are done by inteviewers who fluently speak the respondents' mother tongue.
  • Clear reporting of results, ready to be used for decision making.

Cavalius often co-operate with others in order get all the right competencies and resources to get the job done.

We would be pleased to have a talk about your possibilities on the Danish, Scandinavian or European markets - or about the possibilities for co-operation. 
So please feel free to contact Jack Otto Kristensen for more information. 


CAVALIUS research, Vinagervej 30, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.
Contact: Jack Otto Kristensen på or +45 -  23 72 76 11.